Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily Challenges

Over the weekend I visited a lady at a day spa here in Salt Lake City. I honestly felt compassion for her circumstances. She's opened a large space in front of the building full of hairstylists and manicurists..in other words the "salon" area. Towards the back there are places for acupuncture, massage, teeth whitening and eyebrow tattooing. I honestly looked around and was confused...I mean, there's nothing wrong with looking your best...but I had to wonder if the dyes and products being used were earth friendly? Were the nail polishes and whitening agents all natural? Somehow I didn't think so. Is it just me...or was it kind of a contradiction. Here I was, there for an appointment on presenting my Tranquility Sessions in the middle of a space that felt like there was more focus on the outside than the inside. Yes...she has Reiki and aura readings, but...still...something just didn't seem in alignment. To add to my visit, the people who had commissioned their art for display had come in and taken every one of their pieces without her knowledge. She came out of the back area only to see bare walls where there once were sculpted paintings. As I was leaving it....I felt like she appreciated me coming by...but was quickly onto her next client as if I'd never been there. I hope she takes the time to look at the materials I left with her....and that it makes her feel better. Considering that I'm all about anti-stress tools I think I probably could have done a whole lot of good had I only been able to get her attention for just a few minutes. Her phone was ringing, her attention was scattered....I just wanted to put my arms around her and ask her to find her inner calmness, breathe and know that she is loved. There didn't appear to be any mindfulness at any level. Mmmmmm...now I don't know...should I pursue this relationship in hopes of helping or, should I just chalk it up to another example of the crazy world in which we live? My hope was to be able to hold a Tranquility Session in her building once per month....should I or shouldn't I?