Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Different Dream

Manifestation works. I know this to be true because once I stopped being wishy-washy about my dreams and focused on my things started to happen.
I didn't think I was being wishy-washy. I thought I was being cooperative. I thought I was going with the flow. What I didn't understand is that the Universe is like a big mirror. What you put out is reflected back. Your thoughts. Your actions. Your dreams. Your desires.
As soon as I surrendered to my purpose and made it clear what my life-vision was going to be, it was as if all the pieces started to fall into place. Now I'm having fun simplifying so that I can spend more energy on what really counts. How can I help others move through their stress with the tools I've been shown and guided to share?
This blog will turn into a "Dear Abby" of sorts...with one goal in mind. Giving you answers to contemplate and offering guidance as it is given to me; with love, compassion and a deep understanding of the truth behind the old saying, "It's the thought that counts"!

Sending you Tranquility,