Monday, February 2, 2009


It's a beautiful day. Blue sky. Sunshine. Happiness.
Today I lived like a monk...kind of. I read that Tibetan monks practice mindfulness by focusing on one thing each day. For example, every time they open a door or every time they take a drink of water or every time they smile. I particularly like that last one so every time I smiled today I paid particular attention to the details.
Who was I smiling at?
Why was I smiling?
How did my face feel smiling?
Did people smile back?
What I discovered was that there is actually a smile in every moment. Even my dog smiles when I walk in the door. I think each moment IS a smile.
When I was younger I was very impatient...okay pushy. I was also very curious which got me into lots of trouble and I always had the right answers. Truth is, when I look back at that young lady I see a very lost, searching soul with no idea where to land.
Honestly, what I know now is that we never have to get caught up in the frenzy of the day...the day is perfect as it is...smiling back at you with all the Universal power it can muster. All we have to do is be mindful enough to see it!

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