Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stick Em Up!

Remember when we were little and we used to pretend that one of us was the Sheriff (complete with a toy gun and a badge)...and the rest of us got to play "the bad guys" trying to stay one step ahead of the law? Maybe it was just like in the cowboy movies when there were trains to rob and masks to wear. Eventually, the Sheriff always caught the culprits and when he (or she) did, they stepped around the corner with their gun drawn and said "Stick 'em Up"! There was nothing to do but surrender, dust ourselves off and eat some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I'd like to ask you to contemplate on this for just a minute. Do you think surrender means to give up or give in? What if we change our perception and decide that surrendering really means to give of yourself! I'd much rather decide to surrender to love and kindness than to stress and anxiety, wouldn't you? There's everything right about giving in to the sweetness of your child's face even when they're grumpy...or giving up an afternoon to assist someone who needs your help...or surrendering to a challenging day and accepting that you have a choice to either go with the flow or to swim against the current. when life asks you to surrender, understand that there is no shame or failure or anything to give up that won't bring you a whole lot of joy. There's only you and your brilliant ability to manifest the best from every situation.

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  1. I am thinking this is a lot easier for those of us who are over 40 to understand!
    The gift of patience really is dumped in our laps in our 4th decade of life.
    The things that made us so uptight, anxiety filled in our 20s, 30, seem so silly now.
    I love the gift of finding joy in little things each and every day! Our children benefit most from the surrendering we do. The things we thought were important with the first children, are completely different than with the last children raised! Much more giggles and laughter to solve life's little problems!